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2004 New Orleans (USA)


September 6

BPP Symposium 2: The Patient and the Pharmacist in Different Healthcare Systems

Diagnostics: A patient and pharmacist partnership in healthcare (SIG Nuclear/Radiologic Pharmacy)

New Technologies in Hospital Pharmacy (Hospital Pharmacy Section)

Working Group On The History Of Pharmacy Oral Communications

September 7

BPP Special Symposium: Responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis in resource-limited settings

BPP Symposium 3: Patients and Pharmacists Working With New Technologies

BPP/BPS Joint Symposium: Getting Medicines Right for Children

Comparing Healthcare Systems (Administrative Pharmacy Section)

Moving forward drug product Quality (SIG Bioavailability/Bioequivalence)

Post-Marketing innovation in Drug Development (SIG Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmacoepidemiology and Industrial Pharmacy Section)

The value and use of technologies in teaching Pharmacy (Academic Pharmacy Section)

September 8

Advertising drugs to consumers - A public health threat or a source of needed information? (Pharmacy Information Section)

BPP Symposium 4: The Increasingly Knowledgeable Patient

Current Issues in drug and healthcare information (Pharmacy Information Section)

Direct-To-Consumer Advertising (Hospital Pharmacy Section and Industrial Pharmacy Section)

Electronic information exchange between the healthcare sector and the pharmacy (Pharmacy Information Section)

Medicines information for illiterate patients in emergency situations (Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section)

Osteoporosis And Fractures (SIGs Nuclear/Radiologic Pharmacy and Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmacoepidemiology)

September 9

BPP Symposium 5: The changing role of the pharmacist in medicines management

Current Issues in drug and healthcare information (Pharmacy Information Section)

Pharmacogenomics genetic profiling and individualising medicines (SIG Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)

Short Oral Communications Community Pharmacy Section


Practice - Academic Pharmacy Section

Practice - Administrative Pharmacy Section

Practice - Clinical Biology Section

Practice - Community Pharmacy Section

Practice - Computer Demonstration Session

Practice - Hospital Pharmacy Section

Practice - Industrial Pharmacy Section

Practice - Laboratory and Medicines Control Services Section

Practice - Military & Emergency Pharmacy Section

Practice - Pharmacy Information Section

Science - Bioavailability / Bioequivalence

Science - Nuclear/Radiologic Pharmacy

Science - Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Science - Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmacoepidemiology

Science - Quality of Pharmaceuticals

Working group on the History of Pharmacy

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