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FIP Seal-awarded programmes

Pharmacists for the Future Programme by Curriculo Solutions: Changing the narrative for pharmacy leadership development

FIP launched a new partnership with Curriculo Solutions on 12 May 2022 to deliver the first FIP Seal award for a programme under the FIP Provision and Partnerships programme. We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Curriculo and the FIP Young Pharmacists Group to deliver a promising programme for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists — The “Pharmacists for the Future Programme” (PFP).

The PFP was awarded the FIP Seal on 27 April 2022 following a recommendation by our newly established FIP Consortium ratified by the FIP Bureau. 


The PFP is tailored to support the needs of FIP members in the development of their leadership skills and to support career development plans. In particular it aims to support the strategic direction of FIP and addresses Development Goal 6 – Leadership Development and Development Goal 9 – Continuing Professional Development Strategies. In addition, the PFP aligns well with many of the goals and intentions stipulated in the “Career development toolkit for early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists” launched in 2019 by the Young Pharmacists Group of FIP. The YPG career development toolkit aims to assist pharmaceutical students and early-career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists with preparing for a successful career through development of skills and providing knowledge of different career opportunities. The PFP can be used to supplement and further explore many of the same concepts presented in the career development toolkit through self-paced online modules and discussions with other learners who are taking the PFP course. The PFP is accredited through the Institute of Leadership and Management and now also has the FIP Seal.

Watch a recording of the launch event held on 12 May 2022 to learn more about the course and its benefits

Pharmacists for the Future Programme 

The Curriculo Solutions PFP is an easily accessible online programme that empowers learners through building a leadership identity and skill base and enabling them to plan their future with confidence and clarity. The PFP is designed by experts and allows learners to:

  • Develop leadership skills and take control of their future career;
  • Prepare for life after qualifying and in the workplace, and realise their potential;
  • Identify their strengths and understand what they mean;
  • Learn about teamwork in pharmacy — about the natural role they adopt in a team, allowing them to play to their strengths in the work environment;
  • Build their understanding of effective communication and how to engage with others confidently;
  • Connect with other like-minded learners within FIP and expand their professional network; and
  • Build their five-year career plan to ensure they achieve their ambitions.


If you are interested in expanding your leadership skills and continuing your professional development through this self-paced online programme, register for the course here

Please be sure to have your FIP membership number available when registering for the course.

Last update 11 May 2022

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