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FIP Technology Forum

The FIP Technology Forum brings together experts from within FIP membership to exchange views on current activities, problem areas, best practices, and more, in technology. It also serves as a networking platform for finding new contacts among fellow pharmacists and allows members to work together on joint projects that bring added value and are aligned with FIP’s Strategic Plan.  

The forum is led by the co-chairs, Mr Lars-Åke Söderlund from Sweden and Mr Jaime Acosta-Gómez from Spain. It meets bi-monthly. 

Its objectives are to:

  • Outline trends in technology and their effects on pharmacists in different settings
  • Explore global initiatives in technology and opportunities for pharmacists’ involvement
  • Provide expertise and advice on technology in order to inform FIP’s internal discussions (e.g., to appraise FIP’s strategic and policy recommendations) as well as FIP’s collaboration with partners, namely the World Health Organization in the area of technology
  • Offer guidance for FIP members on technology (e.g. through a publication leading to a policy statement or a project focused on technology)
  • Advise when special expertise is needed (e.g. technical consultation, request to edit a publication, etc.)

Current discussions in the FIP Technology Forum encompass various trends in digital health and education, use of technology in pharmacy, disruptors in pharmacy practice (“Amazonification”, telepharmacy, telehealth, mobile health, etc.). The forum is co-delivering webinars dedicated to these topics. Click here  to access recordings of past webinars and stay tuned for future ones here.

The forum drafted a Statement of Policy on digital health that was adopted by the FIP Council in September 2021. Further resources supported by the forum include:

The forum is made up of FIP members with expertise and/or interest in areas related to its scope. Are you interested in joining? If so, please make sure you’re a FIP member and contact us at to express your interest. Please note we will request your biography or CV and information related to any conflict of interest, to assure no bias of the forum members.

Last update 7 April 2022

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