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14 March 2023 

FIP journal supports strengthening of clinical and social pharmacy practice research as a scientific discipline

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FIP’s Pharmacy Education journal (PEJ) is supporting a new set of statements that aim to improve the quality of publications on advancing paradigms of clinical and social pharmacy practice research. The Granada Statements, recently developed by a group of clinical pharmacy and social pharmacy journal editors, comprise 18 recommendations gathered into six topics: the appropriate use of terminology, impactful abstracts, the required peer reviews, journal scattering, more effective and wiser use of journal and article performance metrics, and authors’ selection of the most appropriate pharmacy practice journal to submit their work. FIP’s Pharmacy Education journal is a signatory to the statements. “The advancement of pharmacy practice is a conjoint responsibility between pharmacy practice researchers, peer reviewers, editors, and publishers, where scientific articles should be seen as the means to disseminate new knowledge that will improve practice,” the group says. A policy article about the statements is published in the PEJ. 

Last update 15 May 2019

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