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The FIP Provision and Partnerships Programme


At FIP, a global platform for provision was identified as a concept during the 2019 FIP congress and approved by the FIP Council as a direct member benefit. The Provision and Partnerhsips Programme was established in 2021 to provide a global platform to engage, develop and support FIP members through partnerships.

With forward-thinking strategies and evidence-driven goals, FIP works with members to identify transformative opportunities to advance pharmacy across all sectors and roles. By offering a global platform for collaboration and partnerships among members and partners, FIP provides an opportunity to bridge training and professional development gaps. Now, member organisations with needs for professional development programmes across science, practice, workforce or education can be connected — through FIP — to quality-assured programmes from other member organisations and partners with offerings that can address those needs. With a focus on enhanced regional and national engagement, FIP acts as a conduit facilitating collaborative, needs-based partnerships and tailored provision to advance pharmacy worldwide.

The FIP Provision and Partnerships Programme

The FIP Seal  

Launching the FIP Seal for provision recognises partnerships based on quality provision to support FIP member needs and priorities. In 2021, we undertook an iterative process with expert consultation and criteria to assure the quality of professional development and training programmes and their alignment with FIP’s mission, aims and the Development Goals. The overall quality and alignment of a programme is recognised by the FIP Seal. In addition, FIP has developed criteria for accrediting bodies of pharmacy education, which recognises the quality and alignment of these agencies.


Two handbooks were developed in 2022 outlining the criteria and submission process for the FIP Seal:

“FIP handbook for providers of programmes: Supporting the FIP platform for provision through partnerships”


“FIP handbook for accreditation agencies: Supporting the FIP platform for provision through partnerships”

FIP Consortium

Chair: Bronwyn Clark
Members: Abeer AlGhananeem, Elizabeth Johnstone, Jan Engle, Linda Hakes, Paul Sinclair, Prosper Hiag, Sandra Winkelbauer
FIP Staff: Catherine Duggan and Dalia Bajis

The FIP Consortium was established in January 2022. The Consortium is an advisory group comprising experts in quality assurance and accreditation of pharmacy education and continuing professional development. Applications for the FIP Seal are overseen by the Consortium. The Consortium reports directly to the FIP Bureau for ratification of its recommendations.

Members of the Consortium

FIP Officers:

  • Bronwyn Clark (chair) — Australian Pharmacy Council
  • Dominique Jordan — FIP President
  • Prosper Hiag —FIP Vice President, Cameroon
  • Linda Hakes — Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UK
  • Jan Engle — Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, USA
  • Sandra Winkelbauer — Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy
  • Elizabeth Johnstone — Pharmaceutical Society New Zealand
  • Abeer Alghananeem — Sullivan University, Kentucky, USA

Supported by:

  • Catherine Duggan — FIP CEO
  • Dalia Bajis — FIP lead for provision and partnerships

Provision that is needs-based and member-focused

The Provision and Partnerships Programme is set to support the delivery of FIP’s Development Goals through collaborative partnerships with members and providers. Member engagement is a strategic imperative at FIP and we have recently published a report summarising our engagement endeavours, which identified members’ priorities, preferences and challenges. Many FIP members cited professional development and online courses as a top priority to address training gaps in their own contexts.

FIP is committed to working in partnership to fulfil the mission of its global platform to provide opportunities for provision through its members to its members, across different economies and locations, supported by criteria, best available practice and technology.

Programmes awarded the FIP Seal

  • Pharmacists for the Future Programme by Curriculo Solutions. More information can be found here.
  • Diabetes Management Certificate by American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. More information can be found here.
  • Vaccine and Injectable Medicines Administration by National Association of Pharmacies, Portugal. More information can be found here.
  • Advanced Diabetes Training by Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado. More information can be found here.
  • Pharmacogenomics- COPHELA by University of Granada. More information can be found here.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management by Empower School of Health. More information about the course in English can be found here and for the course in French here
  • Allergic Rhinitis by Omnicuris. More information can be found here.
  • Flu Vaccination Uptake and Coverage by Omnicuris. More information can be found here.

FIP-developed provision

Other models of provision exist at FIP. These include models where FIP may co-create programmes and training in partnership with member organisations or partners, or through FIP-courses developed with our officers and volunteers.

FIP developed courses and programmes are hosted on the FIP online learning platform FIPx.

Digital health in pharmacy: FIP online course for educators and practitioners (2023)

This course is an expansion of FIP’s course on digital health for educators launched in 2022, redeveloped so that the first module of three is of benefit to practitioners. Module 1 covers digital health tools for pharmacists and related challenges they may encounter in practice. A certificate is awarded for completion. Participants may choose to complete two further modules, which aim to support educators to include digital health in pharmacy curricula.

If you are a member of FIP and interested in becoming a change-maker by embracing new skills and knowledge and leveraging a vast range of resources in digital health to empower and educate students or colleagues, register for the course here.

FIP Train the Trainer: Online course on digital health (2022)

FIP launched the Train the Trainer online course for educators on digital health in January 2022 with the aim of creating change-makers who will promote digital health in pharmacy education. The course was developed in alignment with the FIP Development Goals (particularly Goal 20 – Digital Health and Goal 1 – Academic Capacity), and in response to key findings from a global survey conducted by FIP that were included in the federation’s 2021 report on developing a digitally enabled pharmaceutical workforce. The course was developed collaboratively across several FIP constituencies and led by the FIP Academic Pharmacy Section and Technology Forum.


Last update 23 November 2023

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