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World Pharmacists Day

“Pharmacy strengthening health systems” is the theme of World Pharmacists Day on 25 September

At a time when health systems around the world are recovering from the COVID-19 crisis and general consensus is that urgent action is needed for health services to meet future needs, this year’s World Pharmacists Day campaign presents opportunities to increase awareness of pharmacists as an intelligent solution.

COVID-19 has presented undeniable evidence of the capabilities of the pharmacy profession to support health systems. According to FIP member organisation the American Pharmacists Association, for example, during the pandemic pharmacy teams in the USA provided over 350 million clinical interventions in the form of COVID testing, vaccination, treatment and in-patient care.

Many international agencies and think tanks define a well-functioning health system as having: an accessible and reliable supply of medicines and technologies; trained and motivated healthcare workers; good infrastructure (including improved governance); evidence-based policies; strong plans; and adequate funding. 


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Beyond doubt, pharmacy is essential for access to health, a safe supply chain and the responsible use of medicines. FIP supports the profession in these key roles, but is also working to transform practice, science, education and workforce with the FIP Development Goals and aligned resources, supporting national organisations with global policy statements and calling on governments to increase funding for health and improve environments for healthcare professionals.

FIP’s mission is to support global health by enabling the advancement of pharmaceutical practice, sciences and education. Let’s take community pharmacy as an example. This sector of the profession strengthens healthcare through providing advice, information and education, triage, screening/testing and referral, administering vaccinations, prescribing and reducing polymedication, and follow up. However, there is a wide range of other needs that can be met by community pharmacists, which would relieve pressure on and save time for other areas of the health system. As the experts on medicines, more pharmacists could be allowed to prescribe and initiate medication. Pharmacists also have the skills to take on the management of patients with long-term conditions such as diabetes. Advances and progress in all countries and territories are needed if we are to achieve universal health coverage.

FIP’s message for World Pharmacists Day 2023 is clear: Let pharmacies do more.

The FIP World Pharmacists Day campaign is an opportunity for pharmacy to celebrate its achievements in supporting societies, but also to make its value and further potential in improving health known.

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World Pharmacists Day (25 September) marks the anniversary of the inception of FIP in 1912 and was adopted by the FIP Council in 2009. As such, the World Pharmacists Day campaign is led by FIP every year, with the theme chosen by the FIP Bureau. In 2020, FIP also created World Pharmacy Week, extending the celebrations of the entire profession and overtly encompassing all sectors of the pharmacy profession. Any reference to “World Pharmacists Day” or “World Pharmacy Week” should, therefore, include FIP.

As a service to the profession, FIP develops and offers a range of World Pharmacists Day/World Pharmacy Week campaign materials for use each year. No fees are required for use of this intellectual property. However, without express permission:

  • Our World Pharmacists Day/World Pharmacy Week logos/designs may not be used for products/content/events with a commercial purpose;
  • The FIP logo may not be used;
  • Our campaign assets must not be altered in any way;
  • Use of the current year’s assets should not extend beyond 30 September of the same year.

Members of FIP are welcome to use the campaign materials to communicate and celebrate World Pharmacists Day/World Pharmacy Week. Non-members may only use campaign materials under licence from FIP — please email Ms Lin-Nam Wang ( with details of how the materials will be used and the dates/time period of use.

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